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About DKC & Christine Ammann

My Story


“Have a Chamomile tea” my mother would say when I complained of stomach aches as a child, then she would gently touch my belly button and my forehead for a while until the pains would subside.  Little did she or I know that she actually used some acupressure points to help my condition.  All we knew was that it worked!


Growing up in Germany meant growing up with herbs and complementary medicines.  After losing my mum at the age of 22 I was inspired even more to nurture my own physical and mental wellbeing. 


Migrating to Australia and having children of my own led me to discover kinesiology while I was searching desperately for an explanation for their health concerns.  Both children suffered from allergies, digestive problems and severe headaches, with no apparent physical cause. After only a few kinesiology treatments their headaches and stomach pains disappeared, the allergies became more manageable, and their behaviour, reading and writing ability improved!


Intrigued by this profound success on my own family I began studying it myself in 1998 and haven’t stopped studying since.  Studying many different Kinesiology and other health modalities in Australia and Europe gave me a great understanding and respect for the exponential healing power of these fabulous holistic and  complementary medicines.


After more then two decades providing private consultations in this field, I am still extremely passionate of the unique combination of Kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Bowen and Craniosacral Therapy, as I have seen them improve so many lives! 


Over the years I have presented kinesiology talks and training programs at the RAH and various other hospitals and health organizations.


Repeated requests from my clients and students to teach the way I work in clinic has lead me to develop my own ‘Dynamic Kinesiology’ Practitioner Training Program as well as a book and audio CD ‘Stress Less with Ezi KinesiTM' (please contact me for details).


Apart from offering private consultations I share my passion, knowledge and clinical experience by presenting Dynamic Kinesiology Practitioner Courses to the public.  Please explore the ‘Kinesiology Training’ page for more detailed information. 




Learning difficulties

Muscle and joint pain

Stress management

Behavioural issues


Diploma in Kinesiology
Advanced Diploma in Bowen
Cert IV Workplace 
Training & Assessment

Registered Kinesiology Specialist Practitioner

(Level 6)

Registered Bowen Therapist 
Registered Kinesiology Instructor
NLP Practitioner

Acupressure for Dig & IMS

Anatomy & Physiology of the Brain

Australian Bush Flower Essences

BAP  - Body Alignment Proprioception

BI / LEAF - Brain Integration (1-4)

Bowen - Fascial Kinetics, Smart Bowen 

Bowen - Smart Bowen Lymphatic Drainage

BOL - Basics of Life

Bush Flower Essences

7 Chi Keys - Chakra Balancing

Craniosacral Therapy

CK - Counselling Kinesiology

DK - Dynamic Kinesiology

Energy Centers

Foot Reflexology

Hexagram of Balance

HFK  - Herbs for Kinesiologists

INC - Integrative Neurocardiology

IP - Integrative Physiology - 5 Pillars

MSTR - Scar Tissue Release

NEPS - Neuro Emotional Pathways

NLK    - Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

NOT  - Neuro-Organizational Technique 


Primitive & Postural Reflexes


RMT - Rhythmic Movement Techniques

SIPS  - Stress Indicator Point System

Tibetan Figure 8

Techniques used in clinic:
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