The combination of gentle techniques Christine uses can be used  for anyone from babies to the elderly.  These techniques can often achieve impressive changes - occasionally even spectacular ones, however, there are no guarantees.

It is important to be aware of your state of well-being before you begin treatment, as experience has shown that we become quickly accustomed to our 'new state of being' and 'forget' how far we have travelled from our original condition.

There is no set rule of how many treatments may be required.  Extemely complex issues may take considerable time to achieve results and all that can be realistically hoped for may be a moderate degree of change rather than spectacular results.  Yet, for most people and with most conditions positive changes should be seen and felt after 4-5 treatments.

Additionally, Kinesiology, CST and Bowen can be used as a preventative or occasional 'tune up' to keep your body and mind in top condition.

Online consultations are also available

Location & Pricing


Christine provides consultations from:

Dynamic Kinesiology Centre

113 Eyre Street

Seaview Downs  SA  5049 

Online consultations are also available

For appointments please contact

Christine on

 +61 403 815 622

Initial Consultation:     

75 - 90 Minutes 


Follow up Consultations:  

50 Minutes



Accepted Payments:
Cash, Cheque & Credit cards
(a 1.9% credit card  processing fee applies)

(no Savings or EFTPOS facilities)

Training:  Seaview Downs  SA

Consultations:  Seaview Downs  SA 

Kinesiologist, Bowen & NLP Practitioner

Kinesiology Instructor

Dip Kin, Adv Dip Bowen

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