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Student Testimonials

Dynamic Kinesiology Essentials Seminars:

Found the way the material was provided and learned ie info, then hands on practicals & feedback amongst the group most useful! So enjoyed these 3 days and found Chris' teaching one of the best I have learnt from. Couldn't fault any aspect! Thank you Chris! :) 

Everything was better than expected.  Awesome!!! Thank you so much Chris

Suzanne Ellis


Found Chris's adaptable ability to teach & share, the getting hands on so early and great layout of manuals most useful.  This has been a wonderful first module and I am so grateful for Chris' knowledge & sense of humour!
Ruby Dolman


Found the time, patience & explanations Christine spent with each of us students most useful.  Loved every moment of this workshop 

Amazing! Loving it! Excellent space to learn in.  Great size of group 

I gained a clear understanding of Kinesiology, how it works & the mode of operation to allow me to practice with confidence outside the course

Loved the practical time & balancing each other

Found the trainers approach to teaching and the frequent application of demonstrating what was just taught most useful

Names withheld

Practicing balances with the trainer / mentor and Meta Model practise.

Name withheld

I really value Chris and her  teaching knowledge and methods, being one of the best experiences of learning I have undertaken. The whole Assessment day helped to clarify and wrap up the modules well and iron out any queries.  Thank you Chris - fantastic lecturer! 

Rachael Messenger

I find the homework exercises in the modules are an excellent tool for review and self-evaluation.  The resources provided to the students are so handy! THANK YOU! I AM LOVING IT!

Name withheld

I appreciate that you always take time to explain things until all students 100% get it!


Found the new tools and deeper knowledge and information most useful and refining the balance process.

Rachel Messenger

The new correction techniques are going to be so useful. Can't wait to get started! Fantastic! Thank you Chris !

Name withheld

Great run module (DKE M2), informative and enjoyable.  The techniques taught are all easy to be applied and very relevant.  We had plenty of practical work that helped build my confidence.  Especially the testing of muscles.  The descriptions were clear and easy to follow. Thank you Chris!

Found the practise times and the prepared resources provided most useful.  The set homework is very useful review tool.  None of the homework set is a superfluous activity.

Names  withheld

This course (DKE Module 1) was fabulous.  Christine has great passion and skills.  She is an excellent communicator and trainer.  I found the practical components where we are putting it all together most useful.


Fantastic presentation and content.  The hands on practise and being able to do the balances built my confidence for higher than I expected.  Finished the 3 days excited to start the homework and get to the next module.

Name withheld

Found the layout & format of course information & delivery, powerpoint presentation & book format and all the handouts & reference sheets most useful.  I really enjoy Chirs' teaching style and pace.


Relaxed and supportive environment.  Learnt way more than expected in 3 days, which was a nice surprise!  Excited to integrate this with my naturopathy, massage and Reiki - I think the kinesiology will magnify the impact of my other modalities 100x!


Dynamic Kinesiology Practitioner Seminars:

The entire course was such an incredible experience of growth, empowerment & knowledge.  Other than the entire thing being useful, thank you so much for your open, flexible & humorous teaching style.  This has been such a wild ride and I feel like a completely different human on the other side.  Thank you for all your energy & time Chris... I can't wait to share this incredible therapy :)

Ruby Dolman

Life changing course & so grateful to have been part of this group & of your teaching Chris!  Big Thank you :)

Name withheld

This was the most amazing course.  What a journey.  Thank you :)

Suzanne Ellis


Thanks so much for a great year!

Kate Foulis


Brilliant course.  I feel very empowered an supported to go out and start my new career in Kinesiology successfully.

Felicity Bond

Excellent opportunity to practice balances, meta modelling & new links of brain fibres, Chakras & Bush Flower Essences.  This course is brilliant!

Felicity Bond

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is presented in a clear and logical way. Some of the concepts in Kinesiology can be tricky, but Christine teaches the class in a way that is easy to understand and makes sure her students understand the concepts thoroughly. Christine has many years experience in teaching, which is evident in the way she is able to present information to the students in a way that they can individually grasp, something I had not experienced with other trainers. The course is a great balance of theory and practical skills with a variety of very interesting content. I’m so happy I enrolled in this course, as the practical application has been invaluable. I would highly recommend DKE and DKP to anyone interested in kinesiology.

Kate Bercic

Found practise times, learning about learning / behaviour difficulties and how to work with them most useful.

Great weekend, lots of learning. Fantastic!

Names withheld


I found the practice, the advice and practice with the mentor most useful in the Assessment

Name withheld

The chance to review and practice everything I've learnt was so helpful.  I find the group mentoring absolutely invaluable too.  Thanks Chris !


Really enjoyable and I learned so much to improve my balances.  Loved the formatting and more brain stuff, Gland and Organ link to Chakras.  

Thank you :)

Kate Bercic

Loved learning the physical aspects / links of Chakras and the Brain fibres / levels and cross refer mode!!!

Danni Illingworth 

Testimonials from previously offered seminars:


After attending University and numerous other courses outside of Dynamic Kinesiology Centre, I can assure you that Christine’s courses are the equivalent, if not better, than the best I’ve completed.  The material is well prepared and detailed, the information is clear and succinct and the delivery caters for all learning types and levels.  Without a doubt, I leave her courses with increased confidence from the experience and inspired by her approach to problem solving and methodical application.  I have no hesitation in recommending any of the courses offered by Christine to anyone looking to further their existing profession 

Judy Inkster (B. App. Sc {OT}, Dip. Bowen, Cert IV Kinesiology, Peak Pilates Instructor)  Kingston SE, South Australia


I love that all questions are answered and there is no question that is brushed aside or disrespected.
Name withheld


I found it interesting how lifestyle changes can affect and improve our overall well-being, improve digestion and alter weight  - especially when existing diet is pretty good. Loved all of it! Thank you.

Course feedback from Royal Adelaide Hospital staff:
Very positive, encouraging training fostering our development.  The course was very well planned with an excellent combination of adult learning principles (eg practical, written materials, visual, discussion time...).  I felt very comfortable to ask any questions I had and all my questions were answered - I just need to practice, practice, practice! 


Great learning environment!!! Really recommend to anyone & everyone.

This course opened my eyes to understand Kinesiology, a very interesting complementary therapy!!! 


Wonderful course - very enjoyable!!


A clear, well structured course with high standards.  Very pleasant, approachable.  Excellent instructions, simple, step by step approach.  Helped often and consistently in a non threatening atmosphere.


Natural techniques to help in everyday living.  Great instructions.

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