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Kinesiology Training

How To Achieve 
Emotional and Physical Balance
Dynamic Kinesiology Centre

0403 815 622

Practitioner Training

Kinesiology & Life Skills

Unique Approach

Seminar 1-10 Content 


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Dynamic Kinesiology Training

All courses are held from 9am - 6pm at the Dynamic Kinesiology Centre at 113 Eyre Street, Seaview Downs (near Brighton), South Australia.

Whether you just want to learn more about kinesiology,

Discover how to help your family & friends,

Improve your own health


Become a Kinesiology Practitioner  -

The Choice is Yours! 😊

The Dynamic Kinesiology Seminars provide a fantastic opportunity to discover the vast potential Kinesiology offers to improve emotional & physical health & wellbeing in a gentle, nurturing and non-invasive way, whilst offering the opportunity to register with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) as a Level 4 Kinesiology Practitioner.  

This unique training combines lots of fascinating Kinesiology techniques, aspects of NLP, Bowen & Craniosacral Therapy as well as many other amazing techniques such as Meridians, Chakras, Flower Essences, Primitive & Postural Reflexes, Ancient Centering Systems as well as Anatomy, Physiology, Communication & Nutrition knowledge and more!


Together with Supervised Clinic and lots of ongoing Mentoring this unique training will provide you with a solid and rounded education to join this amazing and growing profession in the field of Complementary Medicine.

The whole training program takes about 15-18 months all up and consists of:

 - 10 x 3-Day Modules held approximately 1x per month plus 

 - 3 x 1-Day Review / Assessment Days spread throughout the training

 - 3 x 1-Day Supervised Clinic, held towards the end of your training

 - Lots of Mentor sessions, spread throughout your training

The 3-day modules are usually held approximately once per month and have previously been held on Thursday-Friday-Saturdays with some individual Saturdays allocated for Review & Assessments.  However a weekday only option, or a combination of the two options might become available in 2024 (please register your interest).

Assessments are competency based and all modules must be attended and homework completed to achieve Proficiency. Regular Group Mentor sessions are conveniently spread throughout your training, followed by Supervised Clinic Days held towards the end of your training.  This set up allows you to obtain confidence and competence with ease and build up your client base whilst having back up at your fingertips :)

Find out how Kinesiology, NLP, Bowen & Craniosacral Therapy can be used to help de-stress; reduce pain, foggy head, digestive & hormonal issues; tackle overwhelm and relationship problems and address behaviour and learning difficulties.  


Learn why nutrition and communication skills are two of the most important pillars involved with our health and how simple knowledge in these areas can be life changing.  

This 'Know How' is easily incorporated into your daily life, whether you just want to use it for your family and yourself, incorporate it into your existing work as a health practitioner or looking to change your profession and become a Kinesiology Practitioner yourself.  Be your own boss, work the hours that suit you and your family life and help change lives!

The Dynamic Kinesiology Seminars have a dual accreditation with the AKA, hence the training will provide you with the following:

Seminars 1-4 (Dynamic Kinesiology Essentials Module 1-4)

Accredited as either 152 hours Category A Kinesiology or alternatively

102 hours Category A Kinesiology plus 50 hours Anatomy & Physiology)

Learn sound Muscle Monitoring Skills to balance others & yourself;

Gain knowledge about Meridians, Acupressure, the Chinese 5 Element & Yin/Yang Theory;

Explore in-depth the Muscle-Meridian-Organ link & learn how to muscle monitor 20 meridian muscles

Aquire skills in taking a Client History, using Mudras, Alarm Points & muscle monitoring to find linked Emotions, work with multiple issues simultaneously, get the 'Bigger Picture' & discover underlying contributing factors to the client's issue(s)!

Discover how to apply Neurovascular & Neurolymphatic reflex points, balance Gait reflex points, utilise the Tibetan 8 Energy & Heart/Brain Integration balances to achieve clarity of mind, aid body detox & improve mental & physical health!

Find out how to incorporate aspects of Bowen & Cranial Sacral Therapy with Kinesiology and so much more, whilst enjoy being mentored & supported throughout this process :) 


Seminars 5-10 (Dynamic Kinesiology Practitioner Module 1-6)

Accredited as either 253 hours Category B Kinesiology or alternatively

153 hours Category B Kinesiology plus 50 hours Communication)

Learn about Communication, NLP & it's link to Neuroanatomy, including Brain Fibres & Brain Level balances and how this links in with our emotional and physical health!

Discover how to work with Chakras, Bush Flower Essences, Nutrition & how to balance proper Food Absorption and Detoxification;

Learn how to use Time Mode; Surrogate Balance; Body Clock Reset & how to balance Energy flow to Organs, Glands, Hormones & Bones;

Explore the link between Learning Difficulties & Primitive/Postural Reflexes; Address important Ancient Centering Systems in the body & their link to Neurogastroenterology, Detox Pathways & the energy mismatch involved in Allergies/Sensitivities, Candida, Lymes & other Invasive Organisms as well as Adrenal Fatigue!

Enjoy the benefits of being mentored throughout, providing you with a solid and rounded training and equip you with lots of exciting tools for your practitioners' toolbox! :) 


Plus the DK Training also automatically provides you with the Supervised Clinic and Mentored hours required for AKA Practitioner Level 4 registration!!!


Allow yourself to discover and experience some amazing and life-changing techniques by attending these very special and unique seminars!

Contact Christine now to enrol or express your interest. 

How to Enrol & Pay


What previous students said:


Sensational practical applications

Best teaching methodology I've come across (incl Uni)

Well presented, detailed & enjoyable

Have learned so much

Clear & easy to follow

Beautiful location


Register Your Interest Here

 2024 Intake Course Dates:

Seminars 1-4 (DKE Module 1-4):

Seminar 1: 2024 TBA

Seminar 2: 2024 TBA

Seminar 3: 2024 TBA

Seminar 4: 2024 TBA

DKE Assessment: 2024 TBA

Seminars 5-10 (DKP Module 1-6):

Seminar 5: 2024 TBA

Seminar 6: 2024 TBA

Seminar 7: 2024 TBA

DKP Assessment 1: 2024 TBA

Seminar 8: 2024 TBA

Seminar 9: 2024 TBA

Seminar 10:  early 2025 TBA

DKP Assessment 2: early 2025 TBA


Scheduled Dates for 

Current Intake:

DKP A2 ... Sat 25th March 2023


Online Mentor Sessions

General Mentor Day

Friday 27/10/23

This day is also open to any previous

DK students, Cost is:

$250 if paid before 30/11/22

$265 if paid after 30/11/22 



Online Supervised Clinic

Friday 17/2/23

Saturday 25/2/23

Thursday 9/3/23

​Investment &

Enrolment Procedure 

Enrolment & Payment Options

Enrolment  Procedure:

Please contact Christine to ensure vacancy / register your interest:


DK Practitioner Training intakes are held every second year and places are strictly limited to ensure small class size and effective training :)

To keep this process fair to all students your place in the program can only be reserved after proof of

deposit payment has been received.


After you've ensured availability please forward:

      Proof of payment for $1000 (non-refundable deposit) to secure your spot
       (copy of receipt or receipt number is required)

       Plus your contact details including:
         - Your full name, 

         - Your full address, 
         - Your phone and private email contact details


2023 General Mentor Day - 27/10/2023 = $265

2024 Investment 

Option 1 (Full Cost & Early Bird saving of $$$ TBA)

$1000 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot (once dates have been released)


$...TBA, due by TBA (This covers DK 1-10 Seminars, Assessments & Mentoring in 2024)


$... TBA,  due by TBA (for Supervised Clinic and Mentoring in 2025... dates TBA & decided together in class)

Option 2 

$1000 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot (once dates have been released)


$... TBA, due by TBA    (This covers DK 1-10 Seminars, Assessments & Mentoring in 2024)


$... TBA,  due by TBA (for Supervised Clinic and Mentoring in 2025... dates TBA & decided together in class)

Payment Options

Payment can be done via EFT, direct bank deposit (at any ANZ branch or Post Office), 
Money Order (Post Office) or by Cheque. Please use your name as reference and email receipt)

Bank details are:

Dynamic Kinesiology Centre

BSB 015 220

Account Number: 180 969 512

Please use your name as reference and email receipt number or copy of receipt for any payments made

Places will only be secured upon receipt of non-refundable deposit

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non-refundable

Full refund will be given in the event of a seminar being cancelled by the facilitator

If seminars are not attended by the Student:

No tuition fee refund is payable for withdrawal after the first unit of study has commenced.

However in cases of special circumstances* preventing completion of the units of study the student can apply to have the unused portion of fees refunded

*Special circumstances are those that are beyond the students' control

Seminar Content
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